Our story is a personal journey about our love of chocolates, celebrations, and family. In Brazil the Brazilian Truffle is also known as Brigadeiro. Our Brigadeiros are smooth and silky chocolate truffles made with the finest ingredients and handmade to perfection. We craft our Brigadeiros by following our secret family recipe, which has been handed down from generation to generation.

It was Alzemira Franca and Angelina Rebecci, my paternal and maternal grandmothers, who were our inspiration to starting our business. In my family every milestone from birthdays to weddings were celebrated with Brigadeiros handmade by both grandmothers. Both Franca and Rebecci passed on their passion of chocolates and secret family recipe to me.

We feel that the best way to honor these extraordinary women is by helping you celebrate your milestones by bringing our special handmade Brigadeiros to your door.